‘My Sweet Dear’ is another continuous BL k-dramatization on the fans’ rundown, and they are hanging tight for scene 5. Following the foes to sweethearts saying, the k-show sees the disdain between the two transforming into adoration. Gourmet expert Yoon Do Gun is perhaps the most stunning chef out there. Working for Laura’s Dining, he even got the spot a Michelin star, and his group loves him. Yet, his needing to explore different avenues regarding new dishes doesn’t agree with his chief, Laura. So she puts Jung Woo, another cook, and makes rivalry between them. With Do Gun attempting to offer peace and give his best to keep his work on, things do get hard every once in a while.

As the workplace party continues, different culinary specialists give the mic to Jung Woo, requesting that he sing. Jung Woo begins singing, and it doesn’t take Do Gun to become inebriated and get his other self out. As different culinary specialists run out from the room, giving an admonition to Jung Woo, Do Gun assaults him, gnawing his ear and nodding off on him. Not realizing what to do, he takes him to his home. As Jung Woo takes a gander at him prior to coming to bed, Do Gun unsteadily lets him know that he is the main one to have power over the kitchen.

My Sweet Dear

The Morning After

Awakening at an obscure spot, Do Gun goes out to find Jung Woo preparing breakfast. As he sits down and hangs tight for the food, Do Gun sees such countless culinary books and Jung Woo’s cooking notes on the table. Calling each other’s opponent, Jung Woo serves him the morning meal, that Do Gun proceeds to cook once more, adding a few flavors in the dish. They leave together after breakfast when Jung Woo offers him a ride. As he gets in the vehicle, Do Gun becomes acquainted with Jung Woo has been learning through digital broadcasts and recordings.

Arriving at the burger joint, Jae Hoon and Do Gun are preparing for the day when Jae Hoon lets him know that Jung Woo is known for duplicating other cooks’ plans. Contemplating the notes he saw, he safeguards him, saying duplicating a formula is just difficult. As Do Gun goes in the store to get fixings out, Jung Woo follows behind. Be that as it may, with the entryway being broken, the two of them get locked inside. Not having their telephones with them, they can’t call anybody by the same token. With the temperature getting cool, the two of them struggle when Jung Woo gives Do Gun his cover to cover himself.

My Sweet Dear 1

Small Confessions

As they sit together, they proceed to discuss things. From the bits of hearsay encompassing Jung Woo to him admitting to him that he doesn’t care for cooking. Yet, cooks just to take care of himself. Folding his arms over Do Gun, Jung Woo nestles into him as the temperature continues to tumble down. At long last leaving, Do Gun text Jung Woo in case he is OK. As Jung Woo is going to answer, he gets a call from Laura getting some information about how things are going in the kitchen. Hearing that she is attempting to assume control over every one of the privileges of Do Gun’s uncommon dish, Jung Woo isn’t content with the undertaking he is given.

My Sweet Dear Episode 5 Release Date and Where To Watch?

My Sweet Dear Episode 5 will deliver on November 4, alongside scene 6. The BL discharges 2 scenes together every Monday. The impending scenes will be accessible to watch on WeTV and Rakuten Viki. The following day, Do Gun is investing energy by the ocean, fishing out shellfishes. At the point when Jung Woo goes along with him and attempts to get shellfishes. Following him like a lost doggy, the two check out the land for the mollusks. Getting drained from basically everything, Jung Woo sits and takes a gander at Do Gun working and getting cheerful as he gets an ever increasing number of shellfishes. As Do Gun comes and runs behind Jung Woo with an octopus, minutes after the fact, the two are chuckling on the ground. As the things are getting acceptable between them, the expectations actually stay obscure.