Living in the digital age means one important thing, whether you’re a business owner, blogging, or wanting a personal website: you’d better have an online presence if you want someone. one notices you. website builder to help you out and you will have a professional-looking site in no time.

With so many great options to choose from, it’s worth comparing what the best website builders have to offer, so be sure to pick the right one for you. This includes deciding what you need for the site, comparing the different features and models offered, and then deciding how much you want to spend.

Most of these website builders have vacation deals, often with huge discounts, so be sure to take advantage of them and take your website to the next level. This is also a good time to make sure you have a vacation-ready website.

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Website Builders

1. Wix


  • Best For: Templates and features
  • Price: From $4.50per month
  • Free version: Yes

Wix has hundreds of templates to choose from, a delightfully simple drag-and-drop editing feature, and plenty of features, even in its free accounts. Without an ounce of design know-how, you can also build, edit, and upload your own website in a relatively short period of time.

  • Comprehensive free version
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Best-in-class reputation
  • Templates are rigid, not much flexibility
  • Confusing pricing structure

2. Network Solutions

Network Solutions

  • Best for: Easy to edit sites
  • Price: From $2.95per month
  • Free version: No

Network Solutions offers businesses all manner of tools and software for managing and running a successful business. Now, you can even build your own site using this popular tool. Network Solutions has both a DIY option and a professional builder plan. Either way, you’ll get a free domain name, high-quality design layouts, and personalized email.

  • Impressive stock image library
  • Free domain name and personalized email
  • Easy point-and-click editor
  • Confusing interface
  • Site and tool could use a makeover

3. GoDaddy


  • Best For: Extremely fast and easy website building
  • Price: From $10per month
  • Free version: Yes30-day free trial

GoDaddy’s website builder (named GoCentral) is all about speed. Successful Domains Registrar removed all the complex features, confusing terminology, and unnecessary frills to create a simple and smart website builder that anyone could use to build professional websites in minutes. GoDaddy’s design artificial intelligence tool will learn more about your business and suggest design changes to help make your website look its best.

  • Artificial design intelligence for smart design tweaks
  • From scratch to the site in minutes
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • Limited customization and features
  • Blog feature needs more functionality

4. HostGator

  • Best For: Beginners and SMBs
  • Price: From $3.46 per month
  • Free version: No

HostGator’s website builder takes inspiration from the company’s famous hosting services to provide users with a simple but more than a capable website builder. The service combines convenience and professionalism with a simple point-and-click site builder as well as advanced tools such as SEO and e-commerce capabilities.

  • No tech savvy required
  • SEO tools included
  • The easy point-and-click site builder
  • Not ideal for larger businesses
  • User support is lacking

5. SITE123


  • Best For: Site design with lots of extras
  • Price: From $10.80per month billed annually
  • Free version: Yesand 14-day free trial

Site123 is aptly named to tell businesses exactly what they can get: a website builder that will help you create your own custom site as easily as 1, 2, 3. In fact, this system is wonderfully simple to use. Site123 comes with a robust set of features that can give your website a clear advantage over the competition. Tools like website design, booking planner, logo designer, responsive web templates, and SEO tools really create a complete package at a reasonable price.

  • Flexible pricing plans and subscriptions
  • SEO, design, logo, and more tools built-in
  • Responsive designs
  • Pricey upgrades
  • Limited control over functionality



  • Best For: Sites with lots of features
  • Price: From $4per month
  • Free version: Yes

If you like the idea of building a site on WordPress but not the prospect of lining up and comparing a variety of hosting companies, then might be the solution for you.’s premium plans give users access to almost all of the themes and plugins available to WordPress CMS users – and there’s even a special version to support e-commerce users.

  • Most WordPress features
  • Special eCommerce version
  • Add plugins and themes
  • No custom domain on the free tier
  • No control over underlying infrastructure

Finding the Right Website Builder for Your Needs

Hiring a professional to build your website costs on average around $ 2,000. Any changes you need to make after that will require additional payments.

Using a website builder is significantly less expensive. And these days, you hardly need the technical prowess of a designer to create clean, stylish, and fully functional websites that are more than capable of presenting your business or blog in a professional light. With simple drag-and-drop design technology, easy-to-use templates, and even algorithmic design programs, laymen are more than equipped to build their own website.

What to Consider When Choosing a Website Builder Platform

The best website builder is the one that best fits your needs. Ask yourself some of these questions about your new website:

  • What type of site will it be?
  • What key features do you need?
  • Are you running an online store?
  • What is the vibe of your business?

Free Website Builders: How Do They Work?

If you just want to build a basic site without an online store, a free website builder is a great way to start. Most of the major website builder programs listed above offer a free version, which may be sufficient if you want to build a basic site. However, if you want to upgrade your site, it might be worth investing in a paid subscription so that you can take advantage of all the features available. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a free website builder:


  • A free website builder could give you just what you need to get started
  • Get a professional-looking website without a lot of bells and whistles
  • You have the option to upgrade to a paid plan when you outgrow your existing storage limit, need more options, or want particular features


  • Free website builder plans come with much less storage and slower load time
  • There are fewer practical tools if any
  • Websites built on free plans don’t have their own unique URLs, but rather they have the website builder’s name in the URL, for example,

Other Website Builders We Reviewed

This list of 6 website builders is made up of companies that have chosen to partner with In total, we looked at over 30 brands in our research on website builders, with new brands being reviewed regularly. Want to learn more about the features, models, and pricing of some great website builders that don’t appear on this list? Find out more about these big names:

  • Weebly
  • Shopify
  • Duda
  • BigCommerce
  • Webs