Best digital on-line insurance plan companies will be mentioned in this article. To measure the adoption of personal digital monetary offerings corporations that do now not grant traditional symptoms (such as the quantity of customers, deposits, and belongings underneath management), we are growing a proprietary score, as nerds do.

1. Next Insurance

FAB: 230

Created in 2016

Office: SF Traction

– $4B in valuation (based on March 2021 round)

$881 million was once raised (Crunchbase), with $250 million coming in 2021. American Express participated in the B-round (July 2018)

Website site visitors in October 2021: 770,000 (SimilarWeb)

660 personnel (Pitchbook)

68 articles (Crunchbase)

Twitter has 9,800 followers, and Linkedin has 24,400.

– NA for Trustpilot (2 reviews)

– YouTube: 3100 subscribers and 19 million views

2. Coalition

FAB rating for the coalition: 122.

Headquarters: San Francisco, Calif.

Created in 2017


– $3.5B in price (based on Sep 2021 round)

– $520 million raised (Crunchbase), together with $380 million in 2021

– Personnel: 265 (Techcrunch)

– 73,000 internet site traffic in October 2021 (SimilarWeb)

– A $325 million run price (gross written premiums), 9 instances greater than in 2020 (TechCrunch, Sep 2021)

– After obtaining Attune, the corporation will have a mixed annual run fee of $500 million and 130,000 clients (InsurTechInsights, Oct 2021)

Linkedin social media: 11,700 followers

Twitter has 800 users.

1,300 views and 27 subscribers on YouTube

N/A on TrustPilot (no reviews)

3. Pie Insurance

FAB rating: 80

HQ: Denver, CO and Washington, DC

Created in 2017 (first coverage bought in 2018)


– Lifetime premiums written: $100M (gross)

– Awarded $306 million (Crunchbase), which include $118 million in 2021. (co-led by using Allianz Group)

More than 300 full-time employees.

– 1,000+ insurance plan organization partners

– 52,000 special site visitors made up 57,000 of the internet site visits in October 2021. (SEMrush)

– There are 35 articles (Crunchbase)

Linkedin social media: 6,500 followers (313 employees)

Twitter has 840 users.

YouTube: 193 subscribers, 2.6 million views

2.200 Instagram followers

4.6 on TrustPilot (298 reviews)

John Swigart, CEO (formerly CMO at Esurance), and Dax Craig, President, are the founders (previously co-founded Valen Analytics)

4. Embroker


Created in 2015


$20 million in premiums had been written (gross) in the first quarter of 2021. According to Crunchbase, $142 million was once raised (Pitchbook)

Website site visitors in October 2021 was once 71,000 visits (SimilarWeb). There have been 27 articles (Crunchbase)

Linkedin social media: 4,600 followers (186 employees)

Twitter has 3,400 users.

8,300 views and forty four followers on YouTube

3.600 Instagram followers

TrustPilot: zero testimonials

Matt Miller, Sean X Cummings, and Yotam Shacham are the founders.

5. Wallet Cover (acquired by AON)

FAB rating: 20


Created in 2015

AON obtained it in January 2020


– Funded at: $28.3M (Crunchbase)

– 300 personnel (Pitchbook)

– 130,000 site visitors to the internet site in October 2021 (SimilarWeb)

– There are 20 articles (Crunchbase)

Social media on LinkedIn: 14,500 customers (367 employees)

Twitter has 4,120 users.

36,000 views and forty three subscribers on YouTube

2.6 on TrustPilot (only four reviews)

Founders: Rashmi Melgiri and Inaki Berenguer